25-year-old plane trees are planted on the Neuer Markt

The plane trees for the Neuer Markt in downtown Vienna come from Germany.

After the redesign of the New Market in downtown Vienna, 25-year-old XL trees should invite you to linger and provide shade. The plane trees are specially delivered from Germany.

One of the central squares in downtown Vienna, the New Market, is being redesigned. When the underground car park currently under construction is completed, there will be no more parking spaces for vehicles. Instead, beds, mist showers and trees will invite you to linger. The latter will be big when they are replanted: because they are 25 years old.

25-year-old plane trees should provide shade on the city square

It is an “experiment”, as planning councilor Ulli Sima (SPÖ) openly admitted at the presentation on Friday. The so-called XL trees are ten meters high and have crowns four meters wide. A total of six such plants – they are plane trees – will shape the image of the square. Seating elements are mounted around the trunks.

The trees are not supplied from other parts of Vienna, as Sima emphasized. Easily moving older copies is usually difficult. Trees newly planted in urban areas are usually no more than five years old – and therefore naturally much smaller. The plane trees for the Neuer Markt come from Germany, where a company grows trees especially for such purposes. They have been implemented regularly over the years and are therefore used to changing locations.

The redesign of the Neuer Markt will be completed by autumn 2022

Smaller trees in troughs should also increase the quality of stay on the Neuer Markt in the future. Lighter patches should also avoid excessive heat build-up. On hot days, water features, mist showers and drinking fountains also offer cooling.

Speaking of fountains: the famous Donnerbrunnen is also returning. The listed central element of the square is currently being redeveloped, as reported by district chairman Markus Figl (ÖVP). The water dispenser was designed by Georg Raphael Donner in the 18th century – and is actually officially called Providentiabrunnen.

The redesign of the Neuer Markt should be completed by autumn 2022. The costs for the surface design are around EUR 5.6 million. They are carried by the private garage operator, as was emphasized today. The plans had recently been revised again, with greater emphasis being placed on greening, it said. Cars and city buses will in future still be allowed to drive over part of the square, but parking is only possible underground.

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