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In mid-February 2020, according to the Ministry of Finance, around 60 financial police officers checked subcontractors who worked for the online mail order company in the Amazon distribution center in Großebersdorf near Vienna. The controlled companies were package suppliers who deliver the shipments for Amazon in the greater Vienna area.

Violations of labor law, including the wage and social dumping law and the law on the employment of foreigners, were immediately discovered on site. For further detailed surveys, numerous documents and records, in particular driver lists and order books, were secured and viewed, compared, checked and assessed by the finance police.

Overall, the financial police team sighted Hollabrunn 76,605 records. The result: a total of 2,416 employees at 96 sub-companies and a further 24 sub-sub-companies have been checked by the financial police since mid-February. In contrast, Amazon Austria only has 13 direct contractual partners, as the untangling of the network of companies, sub-companies and other sub-sub-companies has so far shown. 1,188 of the people checked were EU citizens and 1,228 third-country nationals. 687 were employed part-time, 237 reported as marginally employed.

A fine of 750,000 euros has been applied for for 987 complaints

Specifically, the financial police found the following numerous offenses: 468 violations under the General Social Insurance Act, for which they applied for fines totaling 752,440 euros, 144 violations were under the Unemployment Insurance Act, twelve under the Aliens Employment Act, with fines applied by the financial police totaling 12,000 euros and violations according to the law against wage and social dumping (total penalties applied for: 3,000 euros) and one Violation of the trade regulations determined. In addition, social security fraud was reported in 96 cases.

In addition, the financial police directed numerous Control reports to the Public Employment Service (AMS), to the Austrian Health Insurance Fund and suggested 18 company audits. In the run-up to this, the Financial police garnishment of claims in the amount of 325.193 euros safe “I can not remember any inspection, during which we encountered so many violations of the law. This is unique. With a correct employment relationship, the calculation is almost impossible,” summarizes the head of the financial police in BMF, Wilfried Lehner, together. (red)

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