After AUA mass layoffs, Nepp calls for Finance Minister Blümel to resign

There is now one less job for every million Blümel and Kurz rescue workers

Vienna (OTS) Vienna’s FPÖ chief, City Councilor Dominik Nepp, is criticizing the ÖVP Vienna chief finance minister Gernot Blümel and ÖVP chancellor Sebastian Kurz in connection with the job cuts at the AUA. “In June 2020, Blümel and Kurz threw the AUA – and thus the German Lufthansa – 600 million euros down the throat. As a consequence, a further 650 employees are now being cut. For every million Blümel and Kurz rescue workers, there is now one less job. This is a special class scandal and must at least lead to Blümel’s resignation, ”said Nepp.

Nepp points out that Blümel acted as the savior of the AUA and its jobs last year and is therefore responsible for this disaster now as well. “Blümel and Kurz failed completely in the negotiations and did not permanently secure the AUA headquarters, which is so important for Vienna. The German Lufthansa managers demonstrated the ÖVP amateur troop. The AUA employees, who are now facing the loss of their jobs, suffer. “

“ÖVP-Blümel is the scandal minister of this republic. Not only – as he impressively demonstrated in the investigative committee – massive memory gaps, but also completely failed with the Corona aid. Blümel has become intolerable at the latest after the current AUA failure and has to take his hat off immediately, ”demands the Vienna FPÖ boss.

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