Alliance against Anschober wants to change new Easter rules – politics

An unusual alliance is going on the barricades against the “Easter rest”. Workers and business representatives jointly criticize Minister Anschober.

The Chamber of Commerce and the Federation of Trade Unions addressed the federal government with an urgent appeal. A little later, the Lower Austria offshoots followed suit together with AK NÖ and the Federation of Industrialists (IV-NÖ). Together they wrote an open letter to Minister of Health Rudolf Anschober:

“The proposed mandatory measures cannot be implemented in practice and urgently need to be adapted in the interests of around 100,000 companies and their more than 600,000 employees,” said the representatives in their joint demand. You speak of existence-threatening additional costs and an impending total failure of services.

“Willfully built up new customer barriers”

The compulsory wearing of FFP2 masks means massive restrictions and in many industries that implementation in day-to-day operations is made impossible. “Nobody doubts that wearing FFP2 masks is important for fighting pandemics,” commented WKÖ President Harald Mahrer and ÖGB President Wolfgang Katzian in a broadcast.

However, the working reality of the different professional groups must be taken into account and also that people need sufficient breaks without a mask.

Wherever FFP2 masks are not possible due to physical stress or safety reasons, close-knit testing options are required.

At the same time, WKÖ President Mahrer expresses clear criticism of the future mandatory tests in retail: “From the idea of ​​entry tests in order to come to a step-by-step safe opening, exactly the opposite has now been constructed: an instrument for a step-by-step closure the companies are massively restricted in their business activities and willfully built up new customer barriers. “

“The order of the day is that our 100,000 companies with their more than 600,000 employees have predictability and security. These concerns are of essential and existential importance for all of us in order not to endanger even more jobs,” concluded the stakeholders in their open letter .

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