At Warscheneck: 60-year-old from Gmunden district had a fatal accident during a ski tour

The 60-year-old ski touring enthusiast triggered a slab of snow and then fell about 150 meters over rocky terrain – any help came too late for him.

KIRCHDORF DISTRICT. A 60-year-old and a 49-year-old, both from the Gmunden district, went on a ski tour on the ski instructor path to the Warscheneck today (February 20). They reached the summit shortly before 12 noon and started the descent a quarter of an hour later. When entering the so-called ski instructor path, the 60-year-old driving ahead released a slab of snow. He was caught by the snow masses and fell over rocky terrain about 150 meters in altitude. The 60-year-old was not buried, but suffered fatal injuries from the crash, so that he died at the scene of the accident.

His 49-year-old companion was able to prevent being carried away by driving across the vehicle. He was not injured in the accident. The emergency doctor’s helicopter Christophorus 14 needed him back to the valley. The recovery of the body was carried out by the helicopter of the flight police with the support of two alpine police officers. 33 men from the mountain rescue team and four avalanche search dogs were deployed.

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