Causa Sigi Maurer: The unheard story of the witness Willi W.

30. May 2018
Sigi Maurer publishes a message on Twitter that she received the day before – sent from Bierwirt L.’s Facebook account.

October 9, 2018
Maurer is sentenced to a fine of 7,000 euros for defamation

March 2019
The Vienna Higher Regional Court overturned the judgment. The burden of proof that Maurer had to face was “unattainably high”

16. September 2019
The process starts again. Bierwirt L. brings an alleged letter of confession from “Freund Willi” into play

February 2021
The district court dismissed an injunction against Maurer. She had called Bierwirt L. “Asshole”

February 17, 2021
The beer host withdraws the lawsuit

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