Cause of fire found – Perchtoldsdorf: Electrical defect triggered major fire

Chief Inspector Erich Rosenbaum, head of the “Fire” department in the Lower Austrian State Criminal Police Office, carried out the investigation with his colleagues to determine the origin of the major fire. It quickly became clear to the criminalists that the fire had started in the back of the Schindler Hotel. As the cause, the expert names “the area of ​​a higher wooden roof that ignited due to an electrical fault in a line, first set the hotel roof structure on fire and then subsequently spread to that of the police inspection.” According to the fire expert there are no indications or indications of external influence or the introduction of an external ignition source, i.e. arson.

Challenging work for the volunteer fire brigade

For Willi Nigl, the commander of the Perchtoldsdorf volunteer fire brigade, yesterday’s major fire was the most difficult operation since he has held this post. This probably also applies to the 129 comrades from Perchtoldsdorf, Brunn and Kaltenleutbaren. After the alert, he first had to get an overview of the situation in the densely built-up center and position his colleagues accordingly. Nigl states: “All comrades were challenged, the turntable ladder, which was only acquired in November, has literally passed its baptism of fire here!” At 7.30 p.m., “fire off” was given, and the last comrade moved in at 1:00 a.m.

Police station moves to the ice rink area

District Police Commander Deputy Lieutenant Colonel Oliver Wilhelm confirmed in an interview with the NÖN that the police inspection will not be available for several months as a result of the major fire. At a conference in the municipal office with Mayor Martin Schuster, ÖVP, as well as representatives and experts from the Ministry of the Interior, the state police and district command, it was decided to distribute the officers of the Perchtoldsdorf police station to several departments in the district.

Mayor Martin Schuster had the brilliant idea of ​​equipping the ice rink in Plattenstrasse with containers and providing this infrastructure to the officials. An offer with which the Inspectorate Chief Inspector Wolfgang Laschober is more than satisfied, also because of the central location.

Schuster also announced that the roof structure of the police inspection, on which, according to Laschober, nothing worth mentioning was stored, had to be torn down due to the acute risk of collapse, that the first steps had been taken with the insurance company and that the monument office would also be involved in the renovation.


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