Coronavirus: Carinthia starts the “Comeback of Sport” initiative

LH Kaiser, LSD Arthofer, KFV-Pres. Mitterdorfer and Primarius Likar in press conference – Above all, enabling youngsters, popular and health sports step by step

Klagenfurt (OTS / LPD) The Carinthian initiative “Comeback des Sports” is intended to be a voice for sport throughout Austria. Sports advisor, governor Peter Kaiser, presented them today, Tuesday, together with state sports director Arno Arthofer, the Carinthian football association president Klaus Mitterdorfer and physician Rudolf Likar in a press conference. The focus is also on the sports summit, which takes place on Friday between Sport Austria, the sports umbrella organizations and Sports Minister Werner Kogler. Above all, they want to make young, popular and health sport possible again step by step using appropriate Covid19 safety concepts. Clubs and associations are called upon to provide ideas and content.

“People need exercise. In addition, everyone involved needs perspective and it is also about things like fairness, togetherness, exchange, ”explained Kaiser. It is now a matter of carefully weighing up which openings are possible and sensible in sport. The relevant decisions must be logical and understandable. “But nobody will stand up for something lightly just to make it possible,” Kaiser clarified. He particularly emphasized the self-tests in schools. “Why shouldn’t the self-tests carried out in the schools in the morning also be valid in the afternoon on the sports field – when children there exercise under supervision and with the necessary safety concepts,” he asked. In any case, Kaiser hopes for an “alliance of the sensible” for the upcoming decisions. It is also important to look at sport as a whole and not to play off sport against sport.

State sports director Arthofer referred to the 1,600 sports clubs, 35,000 honorary functionaries and 160 to 180,000 members in Carinthia. While training and competitions are allowed in top and competitive sports, it is not possible for children and the older generation to train in popular sports. Arthofer said that there were many inquiries in this regard and that there was often a lack of understanding among the population for measures. “Sport is not just about health and prevention, it is also about economy, tourism, jobs. Sport conveys values ​​such as fairness, tolerance and a sense of community, ”he emphasized. With the initiative “Comeback des Sport” one wants to work for a cautious, gradual reopening of the sport. Ideas from clubs and associations should be collected and bundled, and they can also post videos, for example.

“We want to show solidarity. And it’s not about championships or competitions, but primarily about training for children. And health is the top priority in everything, ”said the state sports director. They also want to make up for what has been missed, especially healthy sports initiatives. Arthofer named as examples the “Healthy Association” project with the health state of Carinthia, the athletics, swimming and skiing offensive. The Carinthia Education Directorate is also running the project “The path is the goal”, where school classes are supposed to run a marathon together. 27 classes have already registered for it.

Football Association President Mitterdorfer also emphasized that it is currently not about competitions and tables. “It’s about planning for everyone, about social contacts and meaningful leisure activities,” he said. The Carinthian Football Association therefore fully supports the “Comeback des Sport” initiative.

“When children become couch potatoes, the risk of obesity increases,” said Primarius Likar. “We have forgotten what health means. It means physical, psychological and social well-being, ”he emphasized. Exercise in the right dose can do just that. Vitamins and proper sleep are also important. In the Corona crisis, however, fear, uncertainty and despair would appear as the “trio infernal of the soul”. Likar pleaded as a counter-position for “the four L run, laugh, learn and love”. It takes more confidence, security and belief in change again.

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