Dramatic appeal: “It can hit anyone and everyone” – Vienna

Vienna’s city boss urges all citizens to adhere to the Easter rules. Otherwise he wants to impose even stricter measures.

Over Easter, the eastern region is supposed to lapse into “calm”. The trade has to close, there are far-reaching restrictions. Vienna’s Mayor Michael Ludwig (SPÖ) does not go through this enough in view of the dramatic situation in the intensive care units in his city.

“I don’t want to hide the fact that I would have preferred a longer and more consistent phase,” he said on Thursday in the ORF’s “Wien heute” studio. But it was important to find a common solution.

Should the Easter rest show no effect, Ludwig wants to “implement more far-reaching and also longer measures”, if necessary on his own. Postscript: “As far as my legal possibilities allow”. But he is “in principle confident” that we can continue to work together across party lines.

Mask requirement outdoors?

But which measures could Vienna implement on its own? Apparently, people are also considering an FFP2 mask requirement outdoors in busy places. Karlsplatz and the Danube Canal are named here by the ORF reporter as examples. Ludwig: “Yes, that would be a possibility. We are now trying to enforce FFP2 masks indoors in such a way that people recognize that this is important for their own health, but also for that of others.”

The city of Vienna has already prescribed an outdoor mask requirement in markets anyway. “It works very well there, most of them stick to it. But I would hope that the paths that have now been taken lead to better development.”

Wave of infection spills over

In the past few weeks, especially in Vienna, it has been seen how quickly the trend can change. Six weeks ago Vienna was still switched to orange on the Corona traffic light, now a short lockdown is being imposed together with Lower Austria and Burgenland. “So I have to fear that this development will not be limited to the eastern region, but will also affect the other federal states.”

The SPÖ governor said he could understand the massive criticism of the new Easter rules by the Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Labor and the trade union federation (including from party colleague Wolfgang Katzian). At the same time, he passed the ball on to Minister of Health Rudolf Anschober. He had to take the criticism of the stakeholders very seriously and was now called upon to “bring about a situation suitable for everyday use”.

Urgent appeal to everyone

The city chief wants to solve the problem of tiredness in the population by means of open communication: Because the British mutation would also cause severe disease in younger people, one must convey to the population: “It can affect anyone Processes with very severe health consequences. ”

For Easter, Ludwig appeals that social contacts should be greatly reduced. Instead of organizing family celebrations, it is better to contact the relatives by phone or in another spatially separate way. “It is necessary to hold out for a few more weeks.”

New east summit

The current development is checked daily in the presence of experts. “We have resolved that we will meet again with the health minister next week to discuss further measures,” said the mayor.

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