Fire brigade – fires in Vienna and Perchtoldsdorf

In a fire in a single-family house on Wolsteingasse in Floridsdorf on Monday afternoon, the resident was probably killed. The woman’s body was found by emergency services on the ground floor. An autopsy should not only clarify the circumstances of death, but also clarify the identity using DNA. The woman must have lived there alone.

The cause of the fire is still unclear. But the investigators of the fire group of the State Criminal Police Office suspect the improper handling of a Swedish stove.

It took the fire brigade more than two and a half hours to put out the fire. Due to extensive deposits in front of and in the house, the extinguishing work was made extremely difficult, said their spokesman Christian Feiler. Passers-by who had seen the woman in the garden and drawn attention to the heavy smoke development had alerted the emergency services. The fire brigade therefore entered the house with respiratory protection and fought the fire with an extinguishing line. The woman’s lifeless body was discovered and immediately taken outside. The doctor could only determine death.

Police station burned too

Another fire in the center of Perchtoldsdorf also affected the police inspection in the center of the market town in the Mödling district on Monday. The office is temporarily unavailable. The officials are moving to Brunn am Gebirge for the time being, the state police department of Lower Austria announced on Tuesday. Nobody got hurt.

Three fire brigades with 90 men were on duty, reported Franz Resperger from the Lower Austria regional command. The fire may have started in a currently closed hotel. The flames seized the roof structure and spilled over to those of the police station. Both roofs were ultimately in full fire. The fire brigades proceeded with massive external and internal attacks.

According to the spokesman, the police station tried “to save what can be saved”. The executive described the damage caused by the fire as enormous. Weapons and ammunition were brought to safety in good time before the fire broke out, as were files, said police spokesman Heinz Holub. Officials discovered the fire in the adjacent property around 4.30 p.m. “Fire out” was the order of the day at 7.40 p.m.

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