For these people there is “Corona aid” – economy

The National Council is extending various corona aid next Wednesday. Among other things, it is also about the Increase in emergency aid.

At its next meeting on February 24, the National Council will discuss numerous legislative proposals. The presidential conference set the agenda on Thursday, chaired by National Council President Wolfgang Sobotka. According to this, bills from the areas of social affairs, health and finance are up for discussion. The MPs also want to vote on the Austrian-Jewish cultural heritage law, the further increase in two Corona funding pots for artists and the expansion of the hardship fund in favor of commercial private room landlords.

Specifically, it is planned, for example, to increase the unemployment assistance in the months of January to March to the level of the unemployment benefit and to extend the leave regulation for pregnant employees in professions with physical contact until the end of June. Various temporary special regulations under tax law, for example in relation to the commuter allowance and the tax exemption for ethanol for the production of disinfectants, are to apply until the middle of the year. In addition, the coalition parties have announced specific legal provisions to extend short-time working. A new seat law is intended to strengthen Austria as a location for international organizations and conferences.

These points are still on the agenda

However, some legislative proposals can only be put on the agenda if the health committee and a finance committee that may be taking place complete their deliberations scheduled for Monday in good time. This involves, for example, the recognition of professional qualifications acquired abroad for health professions and grants for companies that carry out corona tests at company level. An amendment to the Health Telematics Act is intended to ensure that all COVID-19 vaccinations are entered in the central vaccination register.

Also on the agenda: The 2020 Green Report on the situation in agriculture, a special report by the Ombudsman’s Office on the professional integration of people with disabilities and numerous resolutions with which the MEPs expressed their skepticism about the Mercosur Agreement and their rejection of autonomous weapon systems without human Want to express control – so-called killer robots. The choice of topics for the current hour comes to the SPÖ.

Another topic in the Presidial was the call of several parliamentary groups to reclassify the Ibiza video and other documents to a lower security level, with the President of the National Council, Wolfgang Sobotka, being in contact with the Ministry of Justice on this issue. A question put to the Ministry of Justice as a basis for the decision has not yet been answered.

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