House search at Blümel: ÖVP wants information from justice

Among other things, it is asked what information or indications the application for a house search was based on. The SPÖ, however, criticized the ÖVP for their “repeated attacks” on the judiciary, and the FPÖ also resisted political interference.

ÖVP wants information on checking Novomatic donations

In its inquiry, the ÖVP parliamentary club also wants to know whether it has been checked whether a Novomatic donation to the ÖVP has actually taken place. Another question deals with the possible hindrance of the work of the WKStA. For example, the Ministry of Justice should announce whether the published donation information has been viewed or whether any donation recipients have been asked. In general, one would like to know what suspicions would have led to Blümel being listed as a suspect. The WKStA is checking whether there have been donations for political favors.

The parliamentary question also repeatedly explores why it took so long from the authorization of the house search to its implementation and when the public prosecutor’s office was informed of the matter.

The sense of the house search is also questioned

The sense of the follow-up is also indirectly questioned: “Which objects or traces did the central public prosecutor’s office expect to find during the search of Gernot Blümel’s house for the prosecution of white-collar crime and corruption, especially since, according to media reports, the matter to be clarified relates to a period in which Sebastian Kurz Was foreign minister and was therefore more than three years ago? “

The People’s Party also recognizes SPÖ and FPÖ rhetoric in the files of the Economic and Corruption Prosecutor’s Office: “Why is it, for example, the ‘takeover’ of Sebastian Kurz and not, as is usual in democratic systems and parties, the ‘election as party chairman’? “, the Justice Department currently administered by Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler (Greens) is asked.

Have a one-to-one meeting with a hundred people?

What is “noticeable” for the People’s Party Club is that in some documents from the Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, events, at which up to a hundred people were present, are presented as if they were face-to-face or confidential one-on-one talks. This alludes to Kurz’s meetings with business representatives, at which the then Novomatic manager Harald Neumann was also present.

In conclusion, the ÖVP clears Blümel of all allegations indirectly by asking what the WKStA intends to do against the background that the finance minister was able to refute all accusations and suspicions within 48 hours.

The faction leader of the ÖVP in the Ibiza committee of inquiry, Wolfgang Gerstl, also announced on Wednesday another parliamentary question, which deals with the statements of the former corruption prosecutor Christina Jilek in the committee. In its questionnaire, this had reported “disruptive fires” which had hindered the investigation into the Ibiza affair. Jilek then threw in the towel as a corruption attorney. Gerstl now wants Jilek’s allegations cleared up.

SPÖ criticizes ÖVP attacks on justice

SPÖ Federal Managing Director Christian Deutsch, meanwhile, sharply criticized the “repeated attacks by ÖVP Chancellor Kurz and his closest circle on the independent judiciary”. “The fact that the turquoise constitution minister (Karoline, note) Edtstadler, as a former judge, continues Kurz’s attacks on the judiciary, which endanger democracy, is outrageous,” he said of her statements in yesterday’s “ZiB2”. He criticized the fact that Edtstadler had said about the investigation against Blümel that “the presumption of innocence must also be helped to break through”. This reveals “an understanding of the rule of law and the separation of powers that should sound the alarm bells for all democrats”. “Hands off the independent judiciary!” Said the SP managing director.

Also the FPÖ clearly against political interference

FPÖ boss Norbert Hofer also spoke out against political interference on the sidelines of a press conference: “I think it’s good that we have a separation of powers, that politics doesn’t get involved.” However, he would like there to be “fewer leaks”. “Not to protect people who are in public life, but to protect the investigations,” said Hofer.

The parliamentary inquiry of the ÖVP about the house search at Blümel was again criticized by the NEOS faction leader in the investigative committee, Stephanie Krisper: “After her attacks in background discussions, press conferences and in interviews, the ÖVP is now also abusing the important instrument of the parliamentary inquiry to intimidate the WKStA, To put political pressure on them and to influence the investigation. That is unworthy of a ruling party. “

Greens also criticize

And criticism came again from the Greens. “The request contains numerous more or less hidden allegations and must be seen as a further attack against the economic and corruption prosecutor,” said Justice Spokeswoman Agnes Sirkka Prammer in a broadcast: “In this case, the ÖVP is apparently primarily concerned with the request to use as a medium to spread their own representations. An interest in real enlightenment, none can be recognized. “

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