Incidence of 1,168! “Have quite a blast” policy

Salzburg got vaccination criticism from Chancellor Kurz and shows two places with an incidence of over 1,000. That says the responsible health officer.

In the Salzburg Pongau, the corona numbers are rising uncontrollably. The municipalities of Radstadt and Bad Hofgastein show 7-day incidences of 1,168 and 1,042, well above the 400 mark, for which exit tests are necessary. These will also be implemented from Thursday midnight, everyone over the age of 16 must be able to show a negative corona test when leaving the country. The aim is to dampen the spread of the corona virus.

Salzburg also got vaccination criticism from Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. The federal states would have to vaccinate more, so Kurz, that works well in Carinthia, for example, but Salzburg still has 24 percent of the doses in stock. Christian Stöckl, deputy governor of the ÖVP and state health officer, commented on this in the Ö1 morning journal. Basically, the vaccination doses that are stored in the federal states are all vaccinated, so Stöckl.

“We have different clusters, in Pongau now quite a blast”

But he does not believe in a “vaccination race” because at the time when the vaccination doses were recorded, the doses had not yet been vaccinated because Salzburg had different deadlines, according to Stöckl. It is also an organizational matter, because reserves would have to be built up for the second vaccination, since the doses requested were not delivered or were late, explains the deputy governor of the stored doses. The Federal Chancellor’s criticism is nowhere near that the figures are not comparable and that reserves have to be built up.

If promised deliveries do not arrive, vaccination appointments have to be canceled, because a second vaccination would not work without reserves, said the governor’s deputy. Stöckl worries that Salzburg’s corona numbers are generally so high. “We have different clusters, in Pongau now quite an explosion,” said Stöckl. Contact tracing has been increased, but when you have clusters it is “very difficult to come back down”. The detection of the respective mutations takes time.

“How do you control the private area, that’s where we stand – you can’t send the police into the apartments”

Stöckl finds it “difficult to blame me, but it is true that many people no longer adhere to the restrictions”. But that is no explanation for why exactly in Salzburg the numbers are increasing, because this is an Austria-wide problem – as well as that celebrations and parties and private rooms are relocating. Stöckl denies that Salzburg would not control enough.

“How do you control the private area, that’s where we stand – you can’t send the police into the apartments,” said the governor’s deputy. Before the government’s corona summit on Monday, Stöckl assumed “that there will be hardly any easing”. However, he is now happy to support the measures taken so that young people can go back to sports and the Corona traffic light is an important tool: If you stick to the rules, you will be rewarded.

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