Intercommunal business park Kreilhof is intended to revive Ybbstal

In October, the first development work for the new intermunicipal business park Kreilhof in Waidhofen an der Ybbs, in which the four communities of Ybbsitz, Hollenstein, Opponitz and St. Georgen / Reith are also involved. Shortly before Christmas, Daniel Holding GmbH, the first interested party, had secured around 12,000 square meters for the production and processing of plastic films by LITE GmbH. Since then, the Kreilhof business park had become quiet.

Yesterday it became known that ten companies with around 150 jobs have registered “specific interest” in a location in the new business park. “Even before construction began, the Kreilhof business park met with great interest on the part of business,” said Jochen Danninger, Lower Austrian Economic Councilor (VP) at a press conference in Waidhofen.

The state supports the project with 720,000 euros from regional funds. The money will be used to build a bus stop, footpaths and cycle paths, green spaces will be designed and an urban planning concept drawn up. The business park is around six hectares in size. On an area of ​​around 12,000 square meters, the city of Waidhofen will accommodate the municipal business operations for waste material collection center, building yard, forest and waterworks. On the remaining area, new companies are to come to the Ybbstal region and create jobs.

Green roofs, photovoltaics, infiltration parking spaces, a holistic energy concept and well-founded landscape planning are essential components of the concept.

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René Laglstorfer

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