Krauss on Lockdown: Measures are disproportionate and outrageous

Vienna (OTS) The club chairman of the FPÖ-Vienna, LAbg. Maximilian Krauss, evaluated yesterday’s announcement of the “total lockdown” by SPÖ mayor Ludwig at “prime time” as a “mockery of the Viennese council”. “Ludwig operates show politics on the back of all Viennese,” said Krauss. The measures are also disproportionate and outrageous: “This is an attack on the people who live here in Vienna.”

The liberal club chairman is also amazed at the pink coalition partner NEOS, who started the election campaign with a “tiger policy” and a strong focus on transparency and education policy and has now ended up as “the bed rugs of the SPÖ”. “NEOS advocated that schools should remain open and not be closed. She also spoke out against compulsory masking for schoolchildren. Today we see closed schools and students and parents suffering from it. Current numbers and statistics paint a bleak picture of the mental and physical health of our children. Every sixth child has thoughts of suicide. They used to exude a zest for life and now they have been locked up for a year. Social contacts are prevented. That’s stealing the future of this generation, ”said Krauss.

In the area of ​​transparency and the fight against corruption, NEOS does not see anything either, as can be seen in the case of the SPÖ district chairman Nevrivy or in Brauner’s “Office for Services of General Interest”. (Enough)

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