Linz rejects the expansion of the FFP2 mask requirement outdoors

Mayor Klaus Luger (SP) speaks of a diversionary maneuver, City Councilor for Health Michael Raml (FP) speaks of a proposal that should be viewed very critically: The expansion of the FFP2 mask requirement for certain heavily frequented areas, which was discussed by Health Minister Rudolf Anschober (Greens) Linz doesn’t like to see the outdoors at all. The city crisis management team agreed in its meeting today that there should not be such a measure in Linz – the regulation of such a measure is (as reported) a matter for the local authorities.

“I am strictly against the requirement to wear a mask outdoors as long as the pandemic figures are the same as they were in August of the previous year,” says Mayor Klaus Luger (SP). Raml sees it similarly: “I am glad that there is agreement on this issue.” Regardless of this decision, the general obligation to wear an FFP2 mask on outdoor markets still applies.

164 people who tested positive for corona are currently registered in Linz (as of 12 noon today), the 7-day incidence is 79. The infection rate is stable, says Luger, who also criticizes the recent delays in vaccine delivery. The 2000 AstraZeneca vaccine doses promised two weeks ago for Linz will not be available, and the delivery quantity has now been reduced to 1200.


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