Petra Stolber, head of Austria Advertising, throws down

Schöck for the crisis-ridden tourism industry: The head of Austrian advertising, Petra Stolba, throws in the towel.

Big effect in the already battered domestic tourism: At the height of the Corona crisis, Austrian advertising loses its boss. After 15 years, Petra Stolba will no longer apply for the most important job in domestic tourism.

Elisabeth Köstinger’s Ministry of Tourism routinely advertised the post on February 6th – the deadline continues into March. A ministry spokesman confirmed, however, that Stolba will no longer apply. “She has decided to look elsewhere.” Stolba’s term of office ends in October 2021.

No rift

A rift with Minister Köstinger is denied, the tender is a “routine matter that has to be done every five years.” The successor has not yet been determined – “It is still unclear who will apply.

There is consternation in the hotel and tourism scene, with Stolba, domestic tourism has achieved one overnight record after the other – until Corona came. The future of Austria advertising is now completely open …

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