Process for asylum applications accelerated

After a successful test phase, the rapid asylum procedure is now fixed.

Austria. The Ministry of the Interior has been testing the fast-track procedure for asylum applications since last summer. The focus is on the separation between asylum and migration.

Safe origin. In this way, people not in need of protection can be identified more quickly and their negative asylum notices issued. “Asylum seekers from safe countries of origin should not be in the asylum procedure longer than is absolutely necessary, but should quickly be certain that there is no asylum for economic migrants in Austria,” said ÖVP Interior Minister Karl Nehammer on Tuesday.

Proceedings completed in under 72 hours

Record duration. In the test phase, more than 400 procedures were negative in less than 72 hours. For example with a 24-year-old Algerian. Since his reason for fleeing, “the poor economic situation” in his home country, did not make him in need of protection, it only took 58 hours to receive a negative asylum decision.

Minister satisfied. “I am glad that the test phase was successful and that we can now switch to regular operation,” said Nehammer, summarizing the nationwide start from February.

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