SPÖ sees a “turquoise sledge hammer” in the WKStA conversion plan

Because of the plan, it is now clear to the Neos that the ÖVP’s move to an independent federal prosecutor was just a diversionary maneuver. Vice club boss Nikolaus Scherak suspects that the Chancellor Party not only wants to smash the WKStA, but also the entire criminal prosecution system and, according to its ideas, want to rebuild it.

“I would put on the brakes with all of these things,” said FPÖ club chairman Herbert Kickl. “The last thing you can do now is to give in to any desires that the ÖVP is promoting in order to domesticate and remove this annoying public prosecutor under whatever pretext.”

If the government wants to implement its plan to set up a federal prosecutor, it will have to seek talks with the opposition. A two-thirds majority in parliament should be required for the appointment.

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