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The teacher now commented on the dismissal.
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The poly teacher, who attracted attention with a corona-critical email and refused to wear a mask, has now commented on it online.

The teacher at the Dornbirn Polytechnic, who stood out for his corona-critical behavior, has now lost his job, as confirmed by the Education Directorate. A primary school teacher who also failed to adhere to the coronavirus rules at his school was dismissed. The poly teacher has now posted an official statement online. He decided to take action against wearing masks and taking rapid tests in schools, the teacher said. He now has a written instruction from the Education Directorate. But since he will not follow this instruction, he will now be given the threatened dismissal as a teacher at the Dornbirn Polytechnic.

“I enjoy working with people”

The teacher, who is critical of the coronavirus, thanks him wholeheartedly for “the many offers of support” that he has received. “I like to work with people, animals, but also with technology and just want to offer my skills here,” says the (ex) teacher. If you want to support him, the best way to do this is by giving him a job or recommending him. Below is a detailed list of his qualifications as a teacher, computer scientist, riding pedagogue and contact details.

Teacher wrote circular mail

The poly teacher wrote in a circular that he would not allow himself to be instrumentalized by the government and that he was concerned about the welfare of the students. He says he refuses to wear a mask in class and “allows” the students to take it off. Tests are overdone, wearing the mask is – at least for him – not good. Therefore, he renounces it. People would be forced into a dependency by the Covid measures, which he understands as “coercion”.


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