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While the first teachers and kindergarten teachers are being vaccinated in Vienna, the new coronavirus vaccination plan was presented.

On Wednesday, the City of Vienna announced the further schedule for the coronavirus vaccinations. Due to unknown delivery quantities and delivery problems on the part of the manufacturer, the vaccination schedule has to be continuously adjusted. In March, the vaccination performance will reach a peak, so City Councilor for Health Peter Hacker (SPÖ) and Michael Binder, the medical director of the Vienna Health Association, in a press conference.

Significantly more Viennese than before can be vaccinated against the coronavirus by the end of March because there is more vaccine – especially from AstraZeneca. “By the end of March we will have carried out a total of 280,000 first vaccinations and a total of more than 109,000 second vaccinations.” Provided that the delivery quantities announced by the federal government are kept.

These professional and personal groups will receive their coronavirus vaccination in March

Other professions and groups of people can use it for the first time this month. According to the current planning status, this includes staff from schools, after-school care centers and kindergartens – where vaccination started on Wednesday, the fire brigade, the police, people in the risk group, staff in highly exposed areas of companies (for example in retail or in technical companies), Social institutions, pharmacies, non-medical health professions, high-risk patients in hospitals, contact persons for pregnant women or people over 75 years of age.

Hacker also announced today that those employees of universities who have registered for teachers, after-school and kindergarten teachers due to a misunderstanding in the course of the current corona vaccination campaign, will now be vaccinated after all. Around 4,000 people are affected. They can still keep their appointment.

Furthermore, the preparatory work is in progress so that the first vaccinations can start after Easter, which are carried out in the resident area. Doctors will have two options for caring for their patients. In addition to your own ordination, time slots can also be reserved in cold boxes, which are converted into vaccination boxes, where vaccinations are then carried out.

Nursing homes: satisfaction with decrease in infections and deaths

There was also good news today about the vaccination effect in old people’s and nursing homes. Here, full immunization is about to be completed. In the course of the third week of March, all second stitches should also be set. Overall, the number of cases in the senior facilities fell by 87 percent. “The effect we see is really great, actually better than we thought it would be,” says Hacker.

How things will continue in April is not yet clear, but there will be significantly more vaccines from Pfizer / Biontech and Moderna, it said today. Hacker pounded once more today: “We need vaccine that has to be procured internationally – in much larger quantities than is the case at the moment, according to my taste.”

Vienna’s city councilor Hacker criticizes Chancellor Kurz

Once again, hackers criticized the request by Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) that the federal states should speed up vaccination. “If nobody needs it, it doesn’t help us a meter further. The only thing that interests me is how much more vaccine does the federal government provide.” In the course of this, he would also welcome the procurement of the Russian vaccine Sputnik V, which Kurz brought into play. “The same applies here as for all other vaccines: It has to be quality-checked by the licensing authority. What you hear from Sputnik is that it is also an excellent vaccine. So: Fast! Hoppa di Hü!”

In the current situation, he has little interest in the idea of ​​the federal government to set up vaccine production in Austria, since the establishment of a production facility “on the greenfield” could take years. But it does make sense to look regionally, which means Austria and the surrounding area, to become more independent “of a few international production locations”.

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