Tyrol: Six cases of re-infection with South Africa virus – Coronavirus –


In Tyrol, six people who had already had a corona infection were re-infected.

The people tested positive for a second time between the beginning of January and mid-February; the South African mutation was detected in them, the country announced on Wednesday. The first infections took place between the end of September and the beginning of November.

Mild course

“According to currently available information, a mild course was or is to be recorded in all six cases of the second infection,” explained Elmar Rizzoli, head of the Corona task force. He appealed to the population to comply with protective measures and not to rely on the presence of antibodies.

Reinfections through a mutation are still the subject of current research – current specialist articles would report on scientific studies in which those who have recovered from the South African mutation as well as from the currently prevailing corona virus can be infected a second time. The course of an infection or illness in connection with a first and second infection is currently still the subject of investigations, it said.

343 confirmed cases

Meanwhile, the number of South Africa cases confirmed by full or partial sequencing in Tyrol rose to 343. In addition, there were 192 cases that were suspicious of PCR and were therefore classified as suspicious cases. Nine suspected cases were added. In all cases together – i.e. fully sequenced, partially sequenced and suspected cases – there was a total of 137 active positives.

Around 60 percent of the confirmed and suspected cases were in the Schwaz district. 19 percent were in the Kufstein district and over ten percent in the Innsbruck-Land district. Five percent went to the state capital Innsbruck, three percent to the Reutte district and a little over one percent each to the Kitzbühel and Imst districts. Less than one percent of the cases were in the Landeck district. The only suspected case so far in the Lienz district has not been confirmed in further sequencing. East Tyrol remained the only Tyrolean district without a South African mutation.


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