Until it clicks: campaign for those who don’t like seat belts

A quick grip over the shoulder that has been saving lives for decades: the seat belt. It was invented more than 60 years ago by the Swedish aircraft technician Nils Ivar Bohlin, 45 years ago seat belts were mandatory in Austria. According to the Kuratorium für Verkehrssicherheit (KfV), the chance of survival in an accident with a seat belt on is eight times higher than without it. And yet, in every third fatal traffic accident in Upper Austria, the victim was not wearing seat belts, an analysis of 5400 traffic accidents revealed, informed Infrastructure Provincial Councilor Günther Steinkellner (FP) at a press conference yesterday.

Like falling from four meters

How effective a properly worn seat belt is, especially in accidents with seriously injured people. Because ten percent of those affected were not buckled up. Even at 30 km / h, an impact without a seat belt would have similar consequences as a fall from a height of four meters. At 64 km / h a crash leads to life-threatening injuries even with an airbag.

In the previous year, the KfV surveyed seat belt securing rates in Austria among 50,000 car occupants. The 97 percent surveyed are positive, but the accident statistics show that disregarding the obligation to wear seat belts entails a high risk in traffic accidents. It is also noticeable that especially in the back seat, seatbelt grouches can be found. It is nine percent in Upper Austria, significantly more than the three percent of drivers and the two percent of passengers who are not buckled up. Even among the children, three percent are not buckled up. “But there is often an unintended problem: Many children are not properly secured,” says Othmar Tann, Director of KfV.

The state of Upper Austria is therefore starting an advertising campaign for the life-saving “click”, in order to convince even the stubborn belt gruff that comfort or forgetfulness can have tragic consequences: “Our joint appeal has a short and important click that can save lives in an emergency, in focus, “says Steinkellner. The state of Upper Austria cooperates with the KfV and the Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce.


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