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But even if the ÖVP means it honestly – no factual discussion is possible in this way. The Greens are driven into a rigid defensive stance by their coalition partner, and that means religious war instead of discussion. Some of the suggestions that are now on the table are not new at all – they come from a time when the turquoise around Sebastian Kurz did not yet exist.

For example, the idea of ​​a federal prosecutor who oversees all public prosecution offices is a good one – there is such an institution in many European countries. It would be bad if this top judicial representative had to run for a report in parliament in the middle of proceedings. Because there a party that is being investigated may be setting the tone.

Of course, there needs to be some control in a democracy with a single person responsible for the entire arsenal of law enforcement. This purpose is also served if a future federal prosecutor is only accountable after the conclusion of a case – when politics can no longer intervene or exert pressure.

The ÖVP proposal to return the anti-corruption authority to its original purpose and to divide the economic criminal cases among four special authorities throughout Austria is worth discussing. The transitional justice minister Clemens Jabloner, more closely related to the SPÖ, suggested an evaluation of the responsibilities of the WKStA.

Turquoise-Green has adopted this idea in the government pact, but the Green Justice Minister Alma Zadić failed to find one result in her first year in office.

Finally, the ÖVP calls for faster procedures and better protection of the accused from any media prejudice. Nobody will object to that.

What is needed now is a constructive framework within which experts are heard with an understanding of investigative practice and the necessary instinct. In addition, a government that ultimately makes decisions – confidently, without foam at the mouth. And in the interests of the rule of law.

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