WKO NÖ: Despite the crisis: more start-ups than ever in Lower Austria

Despite the Corona crisis, Lower Austria was able to establish itself as an attractive location for companies. There were a total of 6,297 new companies founded in the past Corona year.

Lower Austria (red.) Statistics show that Lower Austria is a popular location for companies even in times of crisis. Young companies in particular appreciate the state. Last year, 3.5 percent more businesses were founded in Lower Austria than in 2019. Thus, the Lower Austria plus is well above the Austrian average, which is 1.2 percent.

“The blue and yellow entrepreneurial spirit is unbroken despite Corona. Lower Austria is and will remain a good location – especially for young companies, ”said Wolfgang Ecker, President of the Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKNÖ) and Jochen Danninger, Regional Councilor for Economic Affairs. “Every fifth new company in Austria starts in Lower Austria.”

Entrepreneurship is getting younger

In terms of sectors, trade and crafts are ahead with a share of 38.7 percent (2,438 start-ups), followed by trade with 33.1 percent (2,086 start-ups), and Information & Consulting with 17.9 percent (1,130 start-ups). Including independent caregivers, the number of start-ups in Lower Austria even rises to 7,894.

There is a particularly large increase in business founders in the age group 20 to under 30 with a share of 31.7 percent (2019: 28.8 percent). The average age of new entrepreneurs in 2020 compared to the previous year has fallen from 37.7 to 36.9 years. A total of around 106,000 companies are currently active in Lower Austria.

Support for founders

The Chamber of Commerce and the State of Lower Austria support young entrepreneurs through the WKNÖ start-up service and the start-up agency riz up. In 2020, the WKNÖ-Gründerservice, the first point of contact for budding businesspeople, recorded a total of more than 28,100 contacts with people who have just started entrepreneurship or who are considering entering into entrepreneurship. Almost 4,300 contacts resulted in detailed start-up advice by the WKNÖ start-up service, which is represented in all districts.

The start-up service offer is of course Corona-compliant and also fully digitized including digital start-up advice and targeted webinars:

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