WKO offensive: “Shopping and hairdressing are safe” – economy

The Burgenland Chamber of Commerce takes stock after two weeks of opening: “Further bans must no longer be an issue!”

All shops have been open again since February 8th, and hairdressers, podiatrists and other body-friendly service providers are allowed to go back to work. “The circumstances are still extraordinary and challenging, but the reopening was a first, absolutely necessary step towards normality”, says the President of the Burgenland Economic Chamber, Peter Nemeth, with conviction.

The balance for the first few days after the reopening is therefore positive. Although much more is being tested now, a large increase in the number of cases has not occurred due to the opening of trade. Nemeth feels confirmed by this and affirmed in a broadcast: “The trade was and is in no way a source of infection”.

Against “forced closings”

There are several reasons for this, according to the WK Burgenland boss. “On the one hand, there are hardly any other areas that currently have such strict security requirements. On the other hand, comprehensive security concepts in the companies, regular tests by the Chamber of Commerce and the discipline of customers ensure that the strict requirements are actually complied with.”

Therefore, according to Nemeth, it must now be clear once and for all: “Further compulsory closings must no longer play a role in future political considerations, because they have no basis.”

However, the outlook is currently rather bleak. Experts are already warning that the real corona hammer is still to come. AGES department head Franz Allerberger expects another peak of illnesses in four weeks, with which the health system could reach its limits again. And general practitioner Susanne Rabady warns that if there is a certain number of infected people, adequate outpatient treatment can no longer take place.

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