Börse Express – Indus Holding procures fresh capital

The holding company Indus Holding raises fresh money for takeovers with a capital increase. Institutional investors are to be offered up to just under 2.45 million shares using an accelerated placement process, such as the SDax
Company announced on Thursday after the market closed. Based on the closing price, Indus would generate gross proceeds of up to almost 90 million euros. The Indus price fell on the Tradegate trading platform compared to the Xetra close by around 3.5 percent to 35.40 euros.

This cash capital increase will give Indus further room for maneuver for future acquisitions, according to the management. With this step, this uses the share price, which has recently risen sharply. Since the end of November, the papers have risen by a good 44 percent. Only recently did they make up for the losses incurred in the Corona crash a year ago./mis/he

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