Deceptive packaging: No meat in the Five Guys burger

Two Viennese fell out of the clouds at the first bite into their cheeseburgers.

Inner city. Nina and Moritz made a pilgrimage to the popular burger shop Five Guys-am Graben for the first time on Sunday lunchtime to enjoy one of the coveted burgers. The first Five Guys branch in Austria opened in the middle of the city just a month ago.

Desire for meat

At first glance, the order seemed to work smoothly on site: After the couple with their mask and dachshund had lined up in the long queue and the preparation was proceeding quickly, the two hungry people went home with the hot goods.

There was no meat in the cheeseburger

Once there, the couple was amazed at the first bite. Moritz reports: “When we bit into the cheeseburger, the meat was missing!” An employee seemed to have forgotten to fill the burgers with meat patties while they were being prepared.

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Forgot Patty in the rush

AUSTRIA asked Five Guys: “We produce over 1,000 burgers every day. An employee inadvertently forgot the patties in a hurry. “ As a reparation, Nina and Moritz get two decent burgers for free the next time they visit Five Guys, this time with Patty.

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