Motron: New motorcycle brand from Austria

The Austrian KSR Group, known for the Brixton motorcycles, is launching a new two-wheeler brand called Motron. Now the quite extensive model range has been presented. It ranges from 50cc scooters to electric scooters to machines with 125 and 400 cubic meters. Sales are scheduled to start in spring 2021.

First, the electric models Whiz, Cubertino, Voltz and Vizion will be launched. They are class L1e electric mopeds. Its top is 45 km / h, the range is a good 50 kilometers. The “Cubertino” deserves special mention: its name is reminiscent of Cupertino, Apple’s headquarters, and the Honda Super-Cub, the world’s best-selling moped. The visual similarity is also striking.

Motron Cubertino – Grau

The combustion engines will come onto the market from the 2nd quarter. The X-Nord 125 adventure bike, the Revolver 125 cruiser and the Warrior 400 naked bike are available here. The same applies to the Breezy 50, Ventura 125 and the Ideo with 50 and 125 cubic meters.

More combustion motorcycles, the Nomad 125 and the X-Nord 400 will be released in the second half of 2021. All models that produce exhaust gases meet the Euro 5 guidelines.

The pricing is moderate, at least for the introduction: The 45 km / h electric scooters cost between 1,899 and 2,999 euros. (Incidentally, the Cubertino costs 1,999 euros.) The combustion scooters with 50 and 125 cubic meters are between 1,499 and 2,299 euros.

For motorcycles, the price range extends from 2,799 to 2,999 euros in the quarter-liter class, while the Warrior 400 has a price of 4,999 euros. Initially, Motron will start in the DACH region, including Benelux, France, Italy, Spain and Greece. Other European countries are to follow.

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