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Six years ago, the Leondingen fire brigade supplier Rosenbauer set the goal of breaking the billion mark in sales. According to the preliminary figures, this was achieved in the Corona year 2020 of all things. “During the crisis, we showed that our industry is even more stable than the industry average. In times of great uncertainty, that is worth something,” said Dieter Siegel, CEO of Rosenbauer International for ten years, in conversation with OÖN. At that time, Rosenbauer had sales of around 645 million euros. There is also a record for profit in 2020.

After the stagnating years of 2018 and 2019, consolidated sales grew by 6.5 percent to 1.041 billion euros. The operating result (EBIT) rose from 51.9 to 57.0 million euros, the profit before tax (EBT) from 45.5 to 50.5 million euros – although there were slight decreases in orders. At the same time, according to Siegel, “throughput times have been accelerated and stocks of finished and unfinished products have been reduced. We have a very strict program that runs for a longer period of time. For the first time, we can also show success.”

The economic development was already determined a year earlier – all vehicles that come into the order book after February of a year are normally not delivered until the following year. That doesn’t change the Corona challenge. “There were difficulties, for example with approvals by authorities and customers.” It was also important to keep production running: “We have very strict safety precautions and currently no Corona case in Austria.”

Rosenbauer employs 1,600 people in Austria and 4,000 worldwide (1,000 in Germany, 900 in the USA).

Rosenbauer recorded more deliveries in particular in the Middle East, Central and Eastern Europe and North America. The Asian business, on the other hand, is declining due to Corona and the standstill in the largest single market, China. “The big markets of Austria, Germany and the USA are stable. That helps us and gives us confidence.” Siegel assumes that it has slightly increased its market share in vehicles: “In the equipment segment, however, there are declines. The lack of fire brigade festivals has brought the fire brigades major losses.”

The outlook for the coming year? Siegel: “From today’s perspective, we will again be able to achieve stable sales with full order books. But in times of crisis there can always be disruptions.”

The final annual figures for 2020 are to be presented on April 9. (a lot of)


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