Salzburg AG: high investment and record profit


The announced spin-off of the trolleybus and local railway into their own transport operating company will still take place. To this end, 145 million euros will be invested in the transport companies over the next five years. In the Corona year 2020, the company also achieved a record profit. Large investments are planned for this year.

It will take some time before the trolleybus and the local train are combined in a separate transport company in the city of Salzburg. It is supposed to bring more freedom when it comes to improving local public transport. The original schedule was to have that done by the end of 2020.

But now it looks like a further delay, says Salzburg AG supervisory board chairman and governor Wilfried Haslauer (ÖVP): “If you want to take that step, it will be towards the end of 2021. Corona has already set us back massively. Because we had problems discussing things, holding meetings and discussing the documents accordingly. It just completely messed up our time. “

145 million euros for investments in transport companies

On Friday morning, the political steering group of the city and state of Salzburg will meet once again for the spin-off. For the immediate future of trolleybuses and local trains, that doesn’t make much difference for the time being.

Either way, 145 million euros are to be invested there over the next five years – also thanks to federal funding, says Salzburg AG board member Leonhard Schitter: “We are currently making further massive investments in the trolleybus, but especially now in the To invest in local railways. Two-track expansion of rehabilitation lines is at the top of the list. For us, it is very important that the traffic is running and that it is operationally well handled. The organizational things are essentially political decisions. “

Record profit of 51 million euros

In general, Salzburg AG is currently well positioned despite the Corona crisis, emphasizes the company’s top management. The previous year ended with a record profit of 51 million euros.

60 percent of this will go to the shareholders Energie AG, City and State of Salzburg as dividends. In addition, more investments should be made this year than ever before. Schitter speaks of 220 million euros: “Our main focus is on renewable energies – such as photovoltaics. We want to be among the top five photovoltaic providers in Austria by 2025. But we continue to invest in telecommunications, broadband expansion and fiber optic cables. This year we are investing 35 million euros in the state of Salzburg. “

In the Internet sector in particular, Salzburg AG grew vigorously last year due to the pandemic – with ten percent more customers to around 110,000 nationwide.

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