After the night with Mimi, Niko lost a piece of his heart

Bachelor Niko Griesert: “That was a wonderful night”

In the fifth episode, Niko Griesert (30) experiences a premiere as a Bachelor: The 30-year-old spends the night with one of the candidates for the first time – with Mimi Gwozdz (26). The two spend the night in a beautiful mountain hut on the Chiemsee and get to know each other all over again without cameras. In the video above, we show why they are on cloud nine the next morning and how Niko experienced the date.

Niko Griesert and Mimi Gwozdz kiss for the first time

“Your heart … do you quickly forgive that?”, Niko would like to know from candidate Mimi (26), who is allowed to spend a single date with him in a hut. The 26-year-old answers the bachelor’s question in the negative, but she knows full well that her behavior may mean something completely different. After all, Mimi has not only attracted attention once because of her jealousy. So Niko asks: “What did you do now?” With this question he embarrasses the 26-year-old – and one thing leads to another: Niko and Mimi kiss for the first time! After some romantic hours, the long-awaited invitation follows: “You can stay here if you want.” We show the romantic scenes in the video below.

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