Are Niko and Michèle together after all?

After the talk with Frauke Ludowig, fans speculated whether Niko and the runner-up are a couple. You are now speaking plain text.

Anyone who thought that it could hardly be more dramatic in the “Bachelor” universe after the final with Bachelor Sebastian Preuss was probably wrong. Bachelor Niko Griesert caused a lot of heartache with his emotional chaos this year, as became clear in the talk after the final with Frauke Ludowig.

After he brought Michèle de Roos back in the final and instead bid farewell to finalist Stephie Stark early, it was probably clear to most viewers that Michèle would be the winner. But Griesert finally decided in favor of Mimi Gwozdz.

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Are the Bachelor and the winner a couple?

In the talk afterwards, Niko and Mimi revealed that they are not a couple. Mimi noted that they would never have tried and that she would have felt the morning after that something was wrong.

Second placed Michèle admits in an interview with Frauke Ludowig in tears that she would have thought she would receive the last rose after the return campaign. When Ludowig asked this year’s Bachelor whether he had made the wrong decision, he said no.

But he didn’t want to rule out the possibility of a love comeback with Michèle: “This is not the right group to address things like that.”

Plain text: Is Niko with the runner-up?

This drama does not seem to have ended yet, which is why RTL organized further interviews with the three people affected. Now Niko and Michèle spoke plainly: They are not a couple either.

As Niko Griesert explained in “The Bachelor – After the Last Rose”, he couldn’t classify his feelings correctly: “If you don’t give someone a flower, the feelings don’t stop right away.”

He still likes Michèle very much, as he revealed to Ludowig in a one-on-one interview. There is still a need to speak and another meeting is already planned.

Michèle said: “I still have a little something left for him”. She wanted to give him another chance to explain and then keep looking. “I’m happy that she has forgiven me so much,” summarizes the Bachelor.

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“Hit in the face”

The winner Mimi was very disappointed when it turned out that a happy ending with Niko is not possible. In an interview with “RTL” she describes the sporadic contact after the final as a “slap in the face”.

You have meanwhile finished and wish Niko and Michèle all the best. “I would be happy if he finally makes a decision that he can stand by. If he is ultimately happy with it,” she admits to “RTL”.

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