Austria’s filmmakers demand gender quota |

Austria’s filmmakers jointly advocate film funding based on a gender quota: Four weeks ago, the “No Change Without Change” initiative set up a petition that has so far been signed by 1,500 people, including celebrities such as Caroline Peters and Mirjam Unger , Josef Hader or Manuel Rubey. Now the petition has been handed over to State Secretary for Culture Andrea Mayer (Greens).

Individuals and institutions

The initiative is not only supported by individuals, but also by numerous institutions, such as the professional associations of cameramen and scene and costume designers or the Crossing Europe film festival. The professional association of the film and music industry in the Chamber of Commerce is also on board. “Equality and diversity are important to all of us. When it comes to implementation, it is important to link the content of the equality initiative, the priorities of art policy and the justified demands for fair and business-oriented framework conditions”, stated division chairman Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu in a separate broadcast his support.

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