Bachelor 2021: Kim-Denise and shuttle driver Willy are in love

“How cool!” – a bachelor couple of a different kind

Kim-Denise and driver Willy are “firmly together”

Kim-Denise was only able to start her bachelor’s adventure in episode 3 – and was kicked out again the next “Night of the Roses”. There was no rose from Niko Griesert, but production employee Willy won her heart for it. After filming, they kept in touch via social media – and fell in love. “We are currently firmly together and it is very harmonious. We laugh a lot together and get to know each other more and more,” says Kim-Denise on RTL request.

Kim-Denise did everything right for the fans

The Bachelor fans also have a lot of fun. The Instagram comments on Kim-Denise’s story on the official Bachelor channel are full of laughing smilies: “Too funny! Life is what happens when you are busy planning something else”. The vast majority think that Kim-Denise and Willy are a couple: “How cool”, “That’s how it works” or “Everything done right”.

That really “went well” … um drove

The rose fans are happy for the slightly different bachelor couple: “That’s a really sweet love story” or “How sweet … where love falls”.

Driving is still an issue for the bachelor couple

One viewer thinks: Everything “went well for her” – well, “went well” is probably better. Driving is still an issue for ex-Bachelor candidate Kim-Denise and her Willy. The two have a long-distance relationship – about 600 km separate them: “It’s currently working very well. There is public transport and the car. Moving in together is currently not an issue.

What is left to say, except: We wish you a good trip!

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