“Bauer sucht Frau” stars Gerlad & Anna Heiser: First family photo for three!

You’re in seventh baby heaven! The “Bauer sucht Frau” stars Anna and Gerald Heiser finally shared a first family photo after the birth of their son.

You couldn’t be happier! The dream couple Anna (30) and Gerald Heiser (35) proudly announced on January 24th that they have become parents for the first time. Since then, the small family has been enjoying every second together and occasionally lets their curious fans participate.

Sugar sweet! In the video above we show you one of the photos that Anna published shortly after the birth of her son.

For Anna and Gerald it is an absolute dream child. At the beginning of last year, the couple had to cope with a miscarriage. A bitter stroke of fate that affects the couple to this day. The first family photo for three that Anna shared on her Instagram account on Tuesday (February 23) was all the more emotional.

Radiantly beautiful! You can see how happy Anna looked with her XXL baby ball shortly before the birth in the video below.

© Instagram / anna_m._heiser, Tristar Media/Getty Images; BUNTE.de

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Anna Heiser: “I could cry with love and gratitude”

See on the snapshot? Anna, who holds her little baby in her arms with a gentle look and a satisfied smile. Behind her: husband Gerald, who keeps an eye on his family and puts his arms around Anna’s shoulders. A photo that moves you to tears! The 30-year-old wrote about the family portrait: “My little darling! A month ago today you decided that you didn’t want to wait any longer and you made your way into the big world.”

Anna Heiser added: “You looked at us so small and helpless with your big, dark eyes and we knew immediately that you were our one and only. Now you are lying in my arms. While I am writing these lines, I can feel your heartbeat, your warm breath on my skin and could cry with love and gratitude. This one month was probably the most instructive month in the life of your papa and me. “

Anna Heiser about her son: “The best that has ever happened to us!”

The TV star also described how the past few weeks were going with the newborn: “We used the time to get to know you, to know what you need, what you like and how you react to the various impressions of the big world. But we also used the time to rearrange ourselves with your papa, because you have turned our usual life upside down. “

Honest words, which Anna finally underpinned: “This one month was not always easy. It was very emotional, sometimes chaotic and exhausting. The ‘new life’ with you will certainly push us to our limits again and again – but every tear, everyone Pain and every sleepless night is worth it, because you are the best that has ever happened to us! We love you without limits! “

Anna and Gerald’s little toddler can sleep peacefully here! In the video below you get a first glimpse into the almost finished children’s room.

Insights into the almost finished children's room

© imago images / Future Image; Instagram/anna_m._heiser; BUNTE.de


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