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A colorful bird of paradise mixes up the field of participants in “The Masked Singer”. Who is hiding under this mask?

The starting shot for “The Masked Singer” season 4 has been fired and this year a flamingo is also part of the party. Hopefully this colorful bird can convince with his voice and doesn’t leave the feathers on stage too quickly. Here we collect all clues and clues about the identity of the flamingo.

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The flamingo


  • Episode 1: “Sway” by Rosemary Clooney and Perez Prado

Notes and costume information

With a total size of a proud 2.50 meters, the flamingo is hard to miss. In an apricot-colored robe with turquoise and pink contrasts as well as more than 20,000 Swarovski crystals and 400 other glass beads, this mask exudes a lot of glamor on the stage. The magnificent plumage is also impressive, for this the costume designers colored and processed several thousand real feathers from ostrich, marabou and chicken. Hopefully the flamingo will withstand the vocal test by fire in front of the TV audience, the 600 hours of work should ultimately have paid off and come into their own for as long as possible.


  • danced in the Club Tropicana
  • Spanish (?) accent
  • glamorous, already knows the big show stages in the world
  • in the American Diner and Hotel “Flamingo Inn”
  • passionate
  • Musical fan (connection to Chicago)


The rumor mill about the identity of this celebrity is simmering. The “The Masked Singer” community is already exchanging ideas on social media and the ProSieben / The Masked Singer app will be running again at the latest by the start of the season on February 16, 2021, because here you can diligently take part in guessing and voting.

Jury tip

  • Bill Kaulitz
  • Jorge gonzalez
  • Thomas hayo


  • Olivia Jones
  • Jorge gonzalez
  • Angela Merkel

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