GNTM winner Jacky Wruck: contract terminated? She should turn her back on Günther Klum’s agency

Jacky Wruck, the winner of the last season of “Germany’s Next Top Model”, is leaving her management. With her decision, she is not the first model to leave Günther Klum’s agency prematurely.

Last year Jacky Wruck was named “Germany’s Next Top Model” (GNTM) by Heidi Klum. As a prize, the now 22-year-old received a bonus of 100,000 euros as well as a contract with the agency “ONEeinsfab”. Wruck is now said to have ended the collaboration with management.

The lawyer for the model, who comes from Rheingau, told the editorial network Germany (“RND”): “On behalf of Ms. Jacky Wruck, we unilaterally terminated her employment contract with Heidi Klum GmbH & Co. KG / ONEeins fab Management.”

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Lawyer: “Wruck will continue to work as a model and actress”

He did not give reasons for breaking with Heidi Klum’s father Günther Klum’s modeling agency. The lawyer said: “Ms. Wruck will continue to work as a model and actress, thanks her family and friends for their support and looks forward to her future.”

On the “ONEeinsfab” website, Wruck is currently still listed as an influencer with 300,000 followers. In her profile description, Wruck emphasizes how important a good education is to her in addition to her career as a model, influencer and actress.

After graduating from high school, the 22-year-old trained as a veterinary assistant. She answers the questionnaire “What I am missing in the social media world” with: “Reality”.

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Just last week, Wruck surprised her Instagram followers with a new hair color. Her brown hair was dyed copper-colored for “Germany’s next top model”.

Now the model returned to his natural hair color. She let her fans know: “I naturally have a balayage color gradient and many highlights. However, the makeover at GNTM, including bleaching before the copper shade, was ‘changed’ … to the word ‘destroyed’ for the next few years to use.”

GNTM 2021: For the first time no “ONEeinsfab” contract for the winner

Wruck is not the first GNTM winner to terminate the contract with “ONEeinsfab” before the contract period expires. The terms of the contract have often been criticized in the past.

According to an “RTL” report, this year’s winner from GNTM will not receive a contract with Günther Klum’s model agency for the first time in twelve seasons. Here, too, the reasons are not yet known.


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