Heidi Klum’s future plans: Back to Europe and Leni as GNTM successor (PHOTO)

Hamburg (ots) The new season of “Germany’s Next Top Model” starts on Thursday – in the current GALA (issue 6/2021, in stores from tomorrow) Heidi Klum, 47, talks about her future plans – and the future of the talent show: Daughter Leni, 16, who She started her career as a model a few weeks ago and plays a central role: “Leni is part of it from the second, she has been part of the excitement every year and loves the show as much as I do. In the 16 years she has participated in so many blatant shootings who made my girls took part, she always saw everything behind the scenes – that’s why I can imagine that I will hand over the scepter to her at some point. “

Born in Bergisch Gladbach, who has been married to German musician Tom Kaulitz, 31, for a year and a half, is shooting the current season entirely in Berlin. She says of her German roots: “The Americans don’t call us potatoes for nothing, they’re right! Tom and I love potatoes in every possible form: baked potatoes, fried potatoes, baked potatoes, potato pancakes, baked potatoes, deep-fried potatoes, croquettes, potato soup and we LOVE potato salad with homemade mayonnaise. “

The top model has lived in America since 1993, but does not rule out a return: “I love Germany. My husband and I could well imagine living in Europe when we are gray and old,” Heidi Klum told GALA.

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