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A hit from the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” brought actress Nicole Beutler no luck on Puls 4. Was not recognized by Nina Proll in the rate panel! Is ORF quiz uncle Armin Assinger the bobble dog?

From Christian Ude | 11 p.m., February 22, 2021

Actress Nicole Beutler (51) was under the sheep costume © Pulse 4

The sheep is on the second season of “The Masked Singer Austria” Out! While the seventh episode of the fifth “Vorstadtweiber” season was running on ORF 1, two women from the Viennese noble districts could be seen in the Cologne studio of “The Masked Singer”, where the Austrian version for Puls 4 was recorded. Nina Proll this time was part of the rate team as a guest. As a singing sheep stepped Nicole Beutler on, whose role as talk therapist Barbara Bragana in the “suburban women” yes was expanded. This character reveals little about himself, but would do anything for her evil brother, the ex-politician Schnitzler (Philipp Hochmair). With “The Masked Singer Austria” Beutler had to drop the mask, because they did not get enough votes for their “Time Warp” performance from the online panel, which is used as a “representative audience forum” due to the lack of live televoting.
The guessing team was in the dark: At the premiere, Nina Hartmann or Verena Altenberger were suspected to be wearing the sheep costume, this time names such as Verena Scheitz, Monika Gruber and Maria Happel were mentioned. Besides!

But could the assumptions of the other celebrities (seven still in the running) be correct? At the Bobble dog there were three hot tips: Armin Assinger, Andy Borg and Olympic winner Matthias Steiner. In the case of the Gelse (sang “Bungalow” from Bilderbuch), on the other hand, Nina Proll guessed because of the attitude when performing on stage Manuel Rubey. The name Norbert Schneider was also mentioned. The presented himself as “Dancing Queen” Baby elephant. But who sang the ABBA evergreen? “Katharina Strasser”, Elke Winkens and Society reporter Sasa Schwarzjirg agreed, or is it Sandra Pires?

The yeast dumplings danced to “Cotton Eye Joe” by Rednex. But who is sweating under the costume? The perplexed guessing quartet threw around names. Cathedral pastor Toni Faber, Louie Austen, Heinz Marecek or maybe even a legend like Heino? Semino Rossi is also traded on social media. At the Frechdachs one quickly thinks of a cabaret artist. Paul Pizzera? Whereby Elke Winkens suddenly ORF anchorman Tobias Pötzelsberger brought into play. Difficult to imagine! Although the Upper Austrian ORF man can sing. But he has a different color of voice.

The advice team: Elke Winkens, Sasa Schwarzjirg and Rainer Schönfelder with guest Nina Proll Photo © Puls 4

Average 214,000 viewers were at the season opener on February 15th; In the young target group (12 to 49 year olds), Puls 4 achieved a market share of 11.6 percent. The third show of this season will be broadcast on Monday at 8:15 p.m.

The bobble dog: who is under the costume? Photo © Puls4

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