Jürgen Milski: Tumor in the lower jaw!

Concern about pop star Jürgen Milski: A tumor was discovered in his lower jaw.

Actually, he only wanted to have his teeth treated – but then pop star Jürgen Milski (57) realized that something was wrong. He noticed that his gums were bulging and lost a lot of weight within two days, as reported by the website “bild.de”.

A tumor was discovered in Jürgen Milski

“I then went to Cologne and had a dentist friend check me out, who immediately sent me to an oral surgeon,” he tells the site. “There the tumor was discovered. On Wednesday I had the tumor removed in a clinic under local anesthesia.”


Ex-“Big Brother”-Star Jürgen Milski
Pain treatment! He’s on an IV

Does his health thwart his plans? Jürgen Milski is looking forward to “a very exciting TV format”, but has to struggle with “incredible pain”.

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Now it’s time to wait and fear for the 57-year-old. According to the report, the tumor was sent to a laboratory, and in ten days it will be determined whether it is benign or malignant. Jürgen Milski is brave: “I am a positive person, will continue to keep all appointments now and try to only think about a good result,” he reports to the website. The most important thing in life is health: “When you have such an event, all other problems become very small.”


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