Kitchen Impossible: 12 facts that every fan should know

On February 14, 2021, the successful Kitchen Impossible TV format started its 6th season. In six episodes, Tim Mälzer is once again challenged by top chefs like Daniel Gottschlich or Alexander Wulf, unknown dishes based on the Impressions of the senses to cook again. But how often did the Challenges already about vegetarian cuisine and where did Mälzer have the greatest disgrace of 0 points for his court (a maximum of 10 points are possible)? We put twelve questions to the Kitchen Impossible team, here are the answers:

1. The name is an omen

How did the series get the title?
Tim Mälzer and his challengers face seemingly impossible culinary challenges. Just “Kitchen Impossible”.

2nd regular guest

Which challenger made the most “appearances” on Kitchen Impossible?
Tim Raue (11 programs)

3. Destinations

Which country was Kitchen Impossible’s most frequent target?
The Kitchen Impossible country ranking:

  1. Place: Germany
  2. Place: Italy
  3. Place: Austria
  4. Place: France

4. crowd puller

Which episode had the best ratings over all seasons?
The season finale of Season 5 on March 29, 2020 achieved the best ratings to date. The battle between Tim Mälzer and Tim Raue was a special duel: for the first time in the Kitchen Impossible story, Austria was waiting the same dish to cook at home, the same original chef and the same jury on the two. Absolute comparability and no chance for excuses when the two eternal rivals are facing the same task at the same time. The market shares were a very strong 12.2 percent (14 to 59 year old viewers) and even 15.2 percent (14 to 49 year old). Total switched 2.55 million viewers on.

5. The duels

How are Tim Mälzer’s opponents selected for the show? Do they apply, does the editorial team choose them? To what extent is Tim Mälzer involved in the selection process?
Tim Mälzer and the editorial team choose the opponents together.

6. Big effort

How many hours of raw material are produced on average for an episode?
On average, there are around 65 hours of raw material per broadcast.

7. Telefonjoker

Can a mobile phone be used while cooking? For example, to google preparation steps?
No, it is not allowed to googled. The phone can only be used to take pictures of the court.

8. Vegetable kitchen

How often did a vegetarian dish have to be cooked up to now?
So far, 24 vegetarian dishes have had to be cooked.

9. That was probably nothing

For which dish did Tim Mälzer receive the fewest points overall?
0 points in Tashkent, Uzbekistan for the samsa in the “Mavlonbek Taomlari” (season 5, maltsters vs. straws) because he canceled the challenge.

10. Brilliant achievement

For which dish did Tim Mälzer get the most points?
Tim Mälzer received the highest number of points in season 6 for his chicken chop with bulgur in the “Büyük Harran Doy Doy” in Cologne (8.4 points) in the show Mälzer vs. Gottschlich.
For the Prekmurska Gibanica in the »Raih« in Murska Sobota (Slovenia, Mälzer vs. Stiegl), Tim Mälzer received the high score of 9.7 in season 4. But since the challenge consisted of two courts and Tim Mälzer had decided against a court, the number of points was divided by two.

11. Biggest defeat

Which battle did Tim Mälzer lose with the highest point difference?
Tim Mälzer lost the battle with the highest point difference in season 5 against Max Strohe with 4.3 points.

12. The nose clearly ahead

Which duel did Tim Mälzer win with the greatest difference in points?
Tim Mälzer won the battle with the highest point difference in season 1 against Christian Lohse with 3.6 points.

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