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After the visit to the Bavarian capital, which had remained staid for long stretches, Peter Faber was allowed to investigate the pot again. However, the focus is on his colleagues Bönisch and newcomer Herzog. You can find out whether the change of perspective is worthwhile in Marek’s “Tatort” review of the latest episode “Ideal World”.

Which commissioners determined “ideal world” yesterday in the “crime scene”?

Peter Faber (Jörg Hartmann) is back in his area and is finally allowed to plow familiar territory again. A stylish pearl of German engineering of the lower type serves as a mobile stand. His colleague Martina Bönisch is amazed when the eccentric picks her up in his newly acquired Opel Manta. A friend got him for him, something that could count more in the pot than a friend, according to the unsolicited wisdom of the surprisingly mild-tempered inspector.

The almost affectionate togetherness fizzles out faster than Peter Faber can pound the music cassette recorded with “Sunshine Reggae” from the car radio. The “ideal world”, which already exists only on paper, crumbles in the course of the “crime scene” not only for him, but above all for Martina Bönisch, who receives applause from the right corner after the arrest of a supposed drug dealer with a migration background.

After she was only allowed to pluck the smallest possible ukulele in the anniversary edition, Anna Schudt plays first violin this time and, as expected, does her job with flying colors. As an opponent, newcomer Stefanie Reinsperger can establish herself surprisingly quickly as Commissioner Rosa Herzog, while Faber only has to be content with the role of the clumsy observer. How the newly formed team will develop in the future remains astonishingly open.

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What is the “Tatort” “Ideal World” about?

There is nothing to be seen of an “ideal world” in the social hotspot of a Dortmund high-rise estate; rather, poverty, drug trafficking and a lack of prospects determine the dreary events behind barricaded facades. After a fire, the body of a young woman who had previously been raped and slain is discovered.

When an imam is questioned in the neighboring apartment, it comes to a scandal. After Martina Bönisch is demonstratively ignored, she arrests his son on suspicion of drug trafficking. The action is filmed and becomes a political issue. While concerned citizens are celebrating the Commissioner, an activist publicly defamed her as a right-wing radical. When the new colleague Rosa Herzog also questions her integrity, the policewoman is in ruins of her professional existence. Peter Faber would like to sweep it up again, but he innocently lost the right broom in his drunkenness.

Rosa Herzog stabs her new colleague in the back to greet them. © WDR / Bavaria Fiction GmbH / Martin Menke

Marek’s “crime scene” review: It bangs huge in the pot

For years, the tragic fate of Peter Faber determined the tone of the Dortmund “crime scene”. Fortunately, his initially gripping long-term feud with the exaggerated psychopath Markus Graf was resolved before it could drift into the grotesque, so that there is now enough space for other topics. As if it was a matter of making up for every failure at once, Jürgen Werner packs everything that is currently not nailed down into the latest 90 minutes of crime from the pot until it boils over.

Parallel societies that have fallen apart, angry bourgeoisie, agitation on the Internet and, last but not least, corona frustration culminate in civil war-like conditions, under which most of the “crime scenes” would collapse. The fact that the undoubtedly blatantly overloaded story still works and can even touch you in places is due to the famous ideas of all the characters, from which Anna Schudt’s performance is particularly noteworthy. Her portrayal of a commissioner on the verge of a nervous breakdown forms the necessary red thread that one can hold onto during the wild Dortmund ride. One can only hope that the Manta does not have to go into the scrap press for a long time.

The “Tatort” episode “Heile Welt” was released yesterday on Sunday, February 21, 2021 at 8:15 p.m. on ARD and is now available in the media library as a repeat in the stream for six months.

By the way, Amazon Prime customers can book the ARD Plus channel for 4.99 euros. There are also numerous “crime scenes” there. The booking can be canceled on a monthly basis, You can take out a 14-day trial subscription here.

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