Palace contradicts Meghan: The fuss about Archie’s birth certificate continues

Updated February 3, 2021, 5:02 p.m.

  • Archie’s birth certificate was subsequently changed.
  • Duchess Meghan’s first name has been deleted, now only her titles are there.
  • While Meghan blames the palace for it, the British royal family sees it very differently.

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Prince Harry and Herzogin Meghan cause confusion right now. The Buckingham Palast according to “The Telegraph” denies the claim of the duchess, that the Birth certificate of her son Archie was subsequently changed to conform to the “royal protocol”.

The fuss had started around them Birth certificate with a report by the British tabloid “The Sun” which published an alleged copy of the original document. It was said that the First names the duchess, “Rachel Meghan”, a few weeks after Archie’s birth. What remains are their titles: “Your Royal Highness the Duchess of Sussex“.

Meghan’s statement raises questions

A spokesman for Meghans said: “The name change in public documents in the Year 2019 was dictated by the palace, […]. This was not requested by either the Duchess or the Duke of Sussex. “

The royale Insider but now told the Telegraph that there had been no such instruction. The anonymous source from the palace assumes that the new employees of the Sussexes will be in the USA could have misunderstood something. The Duchess’s statement raises “more questions than it answers”, criticizes the employee of the Royal family.

“Mail Online” quotes another royal insider with the claim that the subsequent change to the Birth certificate is supposed to be in June 2019 was carried out by Harry and Meghan’s employees at the time – “to ensure that the name and title of the Duchess match other private documents”.
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Prince Harry harshly criticized social media in an interview with the business magazine “Fast Company”. Facebook, Twitter and Co. would have to be revised to prevent the spread of lies and fake news.


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