Schlager star Beatrice Egli in nature – sunglasses now reveal unimagined backgrounds to Instagram videos

Beatrice Egli is out and about in the snow.

© Screenshot: Instagram/beatrice_egli_official

Beatrice Egli loves nature. On Instagram, she likes to take her fans outside with her. On a new excursion into the snow, they then unexpectedly got to see the background of their posts.

  • Besides music, Beatrice Egli has another passion: nature.
  • The Schlager star likes to spend every free minute outside the door – she often takes her fans with her on Instagram.
  • During a hike in snow, the fans got an unplanned special impression of their social media activity.

Bern – Music is not Beatrice Egli’s only passion. When the Schlager star is not sinking into work, contracts and new songs, she likes to use every free minute to enjoy nature. Sure, a sunny disposition, as the singer definitely has, also goes perfectly with sunny weather. But even in cold weather and bad weather, the 32-year-old is always drawn to the door – be it practicing ice dancing or jogging in the rain, where she recently had an unwanted pursuer.

Even the winter snow drifts in Switzerland don’t stop Egli from spending her work breaks in the fresh air. Where others prefer to crumble on the couch with a cup of tea, the “Bunt” singer trudges into the white landscape, thickly wrapped in a red snowsuit, with snowshoes and a hat.

Beatrice Egli: Snow hike during lunch break – your sunglasses give you a special insight

She lets her fans participate directly on Instagram. “I spend my lunch breaks outside,” she says in a story. Her plan: “Have a quick workout” before going back to the desk. But apart from a glimpse into her lunchtime activities, her Instagram post is revealing – at least for very attentive observers.

Because Beatrice Egli has slipped sunglasses on her nose with her winter outfit. And it’s so well mirrored that you can see a lot in it. Of course, in the reflection, the great view and the fantastic mountain panorama that Beatrice can marvel at during her short hike immediately catch the eye. But there is also another detail to be seen – and that provides special information about your social media activities.

Beatrice Egli: Detail on Instagram says a lot about your social media activity – that cannot be taken for granted

In the reflection you can clearly see her outstretched arm with which she is holding her cell phone. That means her fans can see that she is actually recording her videos and stories herself! The singer is known for her authenticity and her openness towards the fans anyway. The fact that she likes to record all of her Instagram stories herself and make them available for her followers directly from the situation proves the whole thing once again.

Her cell phone is reflected in Beatrice Egli’s sunglasses.

© Screenshot: Instagram/beatrice_egli_official

It’s not that natural. After all, some stars have their own social media teams that either take care of the accounts or constantly accompany the celebrities and are responsible for staging them as skilfully as possible. Beatrice Egli, however, seems to prefer to take it into her own hands – and thus give her fans an honest insight into her life.

And the fans regularly get all kinds of insights into their lives. Beatrice Egli recently showed herself in the snow – and she was closely entwined with a very special “buddy”. (have)

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