“The unicorn” in “The Masked Singer” is out – SHE was exposed

“The Unicorn” is thrown out of “The Masked Singer” – SHE was exposed

Who is under the unicorn head at The Masked Singer?

Photo: ProSieben / Willi Weber

Finally the guesswork starts again! After the first appearance of “The Unicorn“At”The Masked Singer“There is already wild speculation about which celebrity might be under the mask.

What does “The Unicorn” so special?

The Unicorn“Is a dream in pink! But is there really a little princess in the tulle dress or is the costume just supposed to distract from its true wearer?

The Unicorn“At”The Masked Singer“Has a 16 kilo costume

The Unicorn“In any case, it is not for the weak. As delicate as it looks from the outside, it weighs heavily on the wearer’s shoulders. Because the “The Masked Singer“Costume weighs 16 kilos.


The clues:

  • “My world is your fantasy
  • “There are myths about me
  • Paradise has its dark side
  • Always new ways
  • “The last of my kind
  • Miracle ball
  • Hair care products on the dressing table


So it is not one of the heaviest costumes, but for one or the other star, an appearance in a sweeping unicorn dress could be a challenge.

And the long mane also looks anything but light. “What you always underestimate: Hair is incredibly heavy,” confirms make-up artist Marianne Meinl. It is even the hardest part of the “unicorn” mask.

But whoever wants to be beautiful has to suffer and that clearly seems to be the motto of the “unicorn”. In its huge tulle dress, it is definitely an eye-catcher among the other costumes.



The “unicorn” costume cost 300 hours to produce. After all, the 2.5 meter wide ruffled skirt doesn’t pull itself together. And the 1,000 butterflies also had to be sewn individually by hand.

Incidentally, a highlight of the “unicorn” is the built-in lighting technology. So we can get ready for brilliant performances.


These are the celebrity tips:

  • Martina Hill
  • Vanessa Mai
  • Angela Merkel
  • Nora Tschirner
  • Jenny Elvers
  • Lena Gercke
  • Franzi van Almsick
  • Aunt Claßen
  • Victoria Swarovski


But is hidden under the colorful costume? One name comes up particularly often with the fans. 36 percent of the voters in the ProSieben app suspect comedian Martina Hill in a “unicorn” costume. Is she really the secret princess?

+++ Mark Forster shares the photo: What does he mean by that? +++

Rea Garvey is almost certain after the first appearance of the unicorn. He taps on Franzi von Almsick. But hit princess Vanessa Mai is also suspected to be under the costume.

Now it’s out: SHE was “The Unicorn”

Rea Garvey was right: In episode 2 Franziska van Almsick was exposed as “The Unicorn”.

Here you can find everything about the second episode of “The Masked Singer” on Prosieben.


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