“Unter uns” star Antonia Michalsky: exit! She leaves the RTL series after 4 years

At “Unter Uns” there is currently a lot of movement, also in terms of personnel. With Antonia Michalsky alias Saskia Weigel, a crowd favorite will now leave the RTL series.

How sad: “Unter uns” star Antonia Michalsky (30), who played Saskia Weigel, leaves the series! She even had her last day of shooting, as the website “rtl.de” reports. She can still be seen in the series until the “Unter Uns” event week, which starts on March 9th.

How the exit came about is not yet known in detail. Apparently the beautiful woman from Hamburg, who graced the cover of “Playboy” in 2019, wants to concentrate on other projects and be in her hometown more often.

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Antonia Michalsky has already left “Unter Uns”

“Unter uns”, which is filmed in Cologne, went on air for the first time in 1994, and more than 6,500 episodes have since been filmed. Antonia Michalsky joined the series in 2017 and has since gone through a major development: love, divorce, the birth of Aaron, who is currently everything, her professional rise to the head of the Weigel confectionery …

As a compassionate and honest character, she is as popular on the series as she is with the fans. And she herself enjoyed her time at “Unter Uns”: “Of course, there are mostly nice memories that stay. I don’t even know whether I have any negative ones,” she says at “rtl.de”. And further: “In general, I take the cooperation with my colleagues and the team with me, I always found that incredibly great, that I always had the feeling that I have a foundation that I can rely on and that I have worked with great colleagues and Of course I was allowed to play amazing stories. “

Antonia has not yet revealed much about her future plans, but it is already clear that it will be the theater stage again: “In any case, of course, I want to play theater again. In general, I’ll be surprised by what’s coming.” In the past, Antonia has performed in several roles at the Schauspielhaus Hamburg.


Antonia Michalsky

“Unter Uns” star Antonia Michalsky
“Today I can accept myself for who I am and like my curves”

The “Unter Uns” actress got naked for the current issue of the men’s magazine “Playboy”. In the past, this would have been unimaginable for Antonia Michalsky.


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