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Berlin (AP) – A young woman bursts into a children’s birthday party like a dark ghost. Smeared with blood and wearing only a shirt, she stumbled out of a dark forest.

She was just heavily pregnant. Now the baby is gone, stolen, gone. Aylin Tezel as a policewoman without memory is the focus of the series “Unbroken”, which starts on Tuesday at 9.45 pm on ZDFneo.

Flashback: Chief Inspector Alex Enders is a tough guy. With gruesome photos of evidence, she convinces a student from a good family to confess to a fatal hit and run. Then she spits the soul out of her body in the service toilet. She is about to go on maternity leave. She doesn’t care about the consolation of her father’s colleague Paul Nowak (Özgür Karadeniz). She counters: “If you only knew how often in the last few months I wished I would lose my child. I even had an appointment to have it removed. But – I should have just done it. ” Instead, she decided to have the baby with her husband Leif (Sebastian Zimmler). Everyone is more happy about their child than they are, says Alex.

Then the disaster happens. In the parking lot of a supermarket, the policewoman is ambushed by a masked man in her car and overwhelmed, despite the strongest resistance. After the attacker pressed a rag on her face, she passed out. She wakes up in the middle of the forest. Obviously she was kidnapped. There are huge blood stains on the shirt at the level of the abdomen. The child: gone.

The once quick-witted young woman is rigid with shock when the police finally arrive. Her colleague Nowak also approaches with the emergency doctor and is horrified: «Alex, where have you been? We were looking for you. For six days. ” The chief inspector doesn’t know and shakes desperately in fits of crying. “I don’t know where my baby is.”

An examination at the clinic reveals that Alex has given birth to her child. The doctors found the remains of a labor-inducing drug and a narcotic in their blood. The ward doctor is not entirely convinced of the gaps in memory: “I’ve just seen a lot,” she says to the perplexed police officer.

Alex’s colleagues do everything possible to find the baby and solve the abduction – without success. The woman who recently cursed her pregnancy is now doing everything she can to get her child back and learn the truth. In doing so, she puts a lot at stake. “Unbroken” is a dark and exciting thriller with top actors in top form – above all Aylin Tezel.

“Of course, such a painful role also occupies the subconscious,” said the 37-year-old of the “Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung”. «I’m not a robot. Fortunately, at the end of the day of shooting, I am the person I really am, who has nothing to do with the role. ” For the series Tezel trained, among other things, kickboxing.

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