Avoid allergies and intolerances: This app reveals what’s in your food

Soosee is currently only available for iPhone users, there is no similarly powerful app for Android. After all: The Android version of Soosee is in development, but not yet publicly available. But if you only have an Android smartphone, you can use CodeCheck instead.

The free app is actually there to uncover harmful substances in products. However, there is now a list that shows whether the product is vegetarian or vegan and whether it contains lactose or gluten. However, the information is not complete for every product. You can then scan the list of ingredients yourself for cosmetics, but this is currently not possible for food.

You can also have products checked for individual intolerances and allergies – you need an account in the app for this. You can then choose whether you want a vegetarian, vegan, lactose-free or gluten-free diet and which substances you want to avoid in food and cosmetics. If this is set, the app explicitly warns of these substances when scanning or searching for products.

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