For those recovering from Covid-19, a corona vaccine dose could be enough

With the corona vaccines approved to date, two syringes are required at a certain time interval in order to be able to reliably protect patients from infection. For Covid-19 convalescents who should have already made antibodies against the virus, according to researchers, one vaccine dose could be enough.

In the course of a Covid 19 disease, antibodies are formed which promote recovery and – at least temporarily – prevent re-infection. Because a vaccination against Sars-CoV-2 should ensure immunity for longer, it is also recommended to people who have already suffered from corona. However, it is possible that those recovering from Covid-19 only need one (instead of two) vaccination doses.

Do people who have recovered from Covid-19 only need one dose of vaccination?

Researchers at New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital have explored this question. The reasons for this are obvious: if the amount of vaccine doses administered could be reduced, the available vaccine could be used more economically and reach more patients. If one vaccine dose is enough for Covid-19 convalescents, you could get almost double that out of the stock.

Avoidable Injection – Avoidable Side Effects?

At the same time, it should also be advantageous for the person being treated not to have to be injected twice. With every vaccination (not just against the coronavirus) there is a risk of side effects. And after a corona vaccination, the probability of this is apparently particularly high if the patient’s body is already familiar with the virus. Therefore, administering just one vaccine dose to Covid-19 convalescents could make more sense in terms of health.

Covid-19 convalescents tolerate the vaccination worse

Powerlessness, headache, chills and fever as well as muscle and joint pain – all side effects that are said to occur above all in corona vaccinations of patients who have already suffered from Covid 19 disease. Hospital staff explain this in their abstract (read on the preprint server “medRxiv”).

Side effects are similar to Covid-19 symptoms

Some of those responsible for the study speak from experience. One of them, microbiologist Shannon Romano, was diagnosed with Covid-19 for the first time in March 2020 – and seriously, as she reported to the “New York Times”. “I could not sleep. I could not move. Every single joint in my body has hurt. “

A few weeks ago, she received the first part of her corona vaccination. Two days later, unwanted side effects set in, and these would have been strikingly similar to her Covid 19 symptoms from last year.

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But: Not only is the probability and severity of side effects higher in former Covid 19 patients, but also the occurrence of antibodies – even after the first injection. The researchers know this from blood tests carried out on test subjects. They are therefore optimistic that one dose of the corona vaccine is enough for those recovering from Covid 19.

Follow-up supports the result

To support their view, they followed up with other Covid 19 convalescents. There were 59 employees from the health service; 42 of them had had a corona infection, not all of them with symptoms.

In this second analysis, the researchers were not concerned with any side effects. Instead, they focused on antibody levels in patients after their first injection. This was significantly higher in those who had recovered from Covid 19. In laboratory tests, they confronted those antibodies with the coronavirus – and found that they were able to reliably prevent infection.

Not a representative study!

These are preliminary publications that have not yet been viewed by uninvolved scientists. Publication in an independent specialist journal is therefore still pending.

In addition, the studies are based on a relatively manageable number of test subjects. The results cannot therefore necessarily be transferred. It is possible that other people who have recovered from Covid-19 have fewer antibodies, perhaps because they can look back on a milder course of the disease. Also, that the immune response to the vaccine is less strong. It is therefore not yet possible to say with certainty that those who have recovered from Covid-19 only need one dose of vaccine.

Different reactions depending on the vaccine?

Especially since official studies by vaccine manufacturers sometimes speak a different language with regard to side effects. Studies by Pfizer and Moderna, in which more than 30,000 test subjects each took part, showed that side effects were particularly common after the second vaccination dose. However, the Moderna vaccine is said to have tolerated Covid-19 convalescents well and showed significantly fewer side effects than patients who were not previously ill.

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